E-cigs: What will happen Next?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in April, 2014 proposed regulations on e-cig.  Since release of the draft regulations, the FDA has received more than 70,000 formal comments, including a letter from 29 state attorneys general seeking additional regulations in marketing. Now that the comment period is over, people are waiting for next regulations to know the future of e-cigs.

New E-Cig Regulations:

Tobacco products have been widely defined by the new rules of FDA, and the definition now includes more products. These include products like e-cigs, hookahs and cigars too. Learning from past mistakes, FDA has kept a provision that will allow it to regulate tobacco goods.


The sketch regulations also suggest to fix nationwide the least age requirement for purchasing and using e-cigs. As a result, under 18 years of age will be now allowed to lawfully acquire e-cigs. This will ensure a strict control on the use of tobacco products in the country too.

Comments to the E-Cig Regulations:

During first four months of comment period, the FDA received nearly 72,000 formal comments. No surprise, that majority of the comments came from two groups – (1) health care organizations like The American Heart Association and The American Cancer Society; and (2) e-cig companies. While health care organizations are in favor of strengthening the regulations, e-cig companies find the regulations too restrictive which are limiting the public’s access to harmless alternative of tobacco products.

E-cigs: What will happen Next?

E-cigarettes make vapor and not real smoke, yet they’ve ignited a storm of controversy. They are safer than tobacco cigarettes, as claimed by their makers. But unless safety is proven, the FDA is denying to allow its making and marketing in the country and may be banned, as demanded by major health check associations. But a relaxed FDA review reveals that the products are not at present accepted.In case the FDA bans e-cigarettes, a reaction is obvious. But it is not going to be the primary North American organization to do so. Recently Canada’s fitness agency has also banned the import or trade of e-cigarette products.

Ray of Hope:

After the comment period is over FDA should review all 72,000 comments and establish a balance between conflicting interests and accordingly revise the regulation. It will be time taking process, and during revision FDA may bring some leniency in its regulations. Industry operators and State Attorney General expect the final regulation to be published within a year after publication of the proposed draft, i.e. in Aril, 25, 2015. After publication of the final rules, they are not likely to be enforced or implemented before another one year, so as to allow the affected parties to withdraw or modify their products as per regulations. The FDA under the Federal Government is expected to bring a balance between public health and economic concerns and may make minor changes based on the feedback in form comments. The FDA regulations may not be that stringent as they appear in the draft. Till then you keep on guessing  -E-cigs: What will happen Next?

Which Re-buildable Atomozer should you Buy?

As the name suggests Re-buildable atomizers have actually re-buildable wicks that can be customized to a great extent. If you are an inexperienced or a casual vaper, Re-buildable atomizers are too advanced to suit you. But if you are serious vaper who has not plan to quit vaping you have reason to consider which Re-buildable Atomizers should you buy?

Decide about the type of Re-buildable Atomizer first:

In general re-buildable atomizers are 3 types and each having its own advantage and disadvantage. For explame –

  1. Genesis Re-buildable Atomizer or Re-buildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) has a tank, wick made of silica, steel mesh or porcelain and a conductive coil. Since the wicks last for a monthor more, this atomizer is easy to maintain. Juice is sucked by wick and falls onto coil to produce vapor with unadulterated taste and flavor. If you choose to have one of this type you can buy RSST, Z-Atty or DID.
  2. Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA) is bit difficult to maintain as the wick dries after a few drag and you need to soak it by dripping e-liquid frequently. But direct dripping bring more intense and massive cloudy vaping. Wicks are usually made of silica or cotton or eco-wool.If you don’t mind to take the botheration of dripping juice repeatedly for the highest vaping pleasure, you can try Igo-L, Nimbus or Trident atomizers.Some other trustedmodels areParadigm Magma RDA for $ 115, Tobh Atty at $ 89, The Cats by RJ Mods at $120 (brass or steel body), The Castle by Vape Smith at $ 89.99 (steel edition) & $ 109.99 (gold edition), The Zenith Double Cross V2 RDA for 199.99 (steel & brass).
  3. Hybrid Re-buildable Atomizer is the most expensive among these three since it combines the best features of both genesis and dripping type. It’s large in size. The wick remains soaked in juice and you don’t need to add juice time to time and yet can experience great intense vaping like a dripping style re-buildable atomizer. If you are ready to spend more for a easy to use yet strong vaping you can consider Kayfun 3.1 and Ithka.

Which Re-buildable Atomozer should you Buy?

Re-buildable Atomizers, the newest generation of atomizers have captured the market by impressing the veteran vapers as well as the new generation. There’s so much to learn with re-buildable atomizers and so it is confusing to decide Which Re-buildable Atomizer should you buy. You need consider the following pints while choosing an RBA –

  • Your vaping experience – If you not an experienced vaper you should start with a beginner’s kit.
  • Nicotine Consumption – Although advanced MODs with re-buildable atomizers provide a vaper stronger vaping experience with lot of vapor, strong throat hit, intense flavor, they lead to less nicotine consumption. So getting started with an ordinary e cig if you don’t want to quit smoking switch over to RBA.
  • Budget – If budget is not a problem, then you can pick a hybrid kind to hassle free strong vaping experience which can be obtained from an RDA. If budget is a concern and you want an easy use an RTA. But if you want a user friendly with strong throat hit and enormous vapor, you need to spend more to get a hybrid type.

Benefits of Re-buildable Atomizers

For the people who are new in vaping ordinary e cigarette is the right choice to begin. But for the addicted and matured vapers more and more advance, variable voltage, customized and person vaporizers have be introduced. They are either known as Persona Vaporizer (PV) and MODs. You will find three broad categories in Re-buildable Atomizers available in the market. Their features and benefits are –

1. Genesis Re-buildable Atomizer and its benefits:

A genesis style is composed of a tank, a wick and a coil. Maintenance is hassle free since wicks can lasts for more than a month. Wicks may be made up of porcelain, surgical cable or oxidized steel mesh. The e juice is drawn up by the exposed area of the wicks and carried to the coil. Whatever wick you choose, there is no mixed taste of e juice and silica as it happens with most beginners’ tank.

2. Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer and its benefits:

These atomizers involve dripping e liquid usa directly onto the exposed wick attached with the coil to produce massive vapor. Wicks are made of silica, eco-wool, cotton etc. Due huge vapor production, endlessly customizable wicks and intense taste RDA is a popular choice of regular vapers. Re-building wicks is very easy, but maintaining an RDA is not. Moreover, you need to keep on adding e liquid just after 5 to 10 puffs. But real vapers don’t mind to take this hassle for a great vaping satisfaction.

3. Hybrid Re-buildable Atomizer and its benefits:

The third type is basically hybrid of Genesis and Dripping style re-buildable atomizers which combines the best features of the both. It has several parts including a tank, which may remain hidden, and a soft drip style wick that is always moist in e liquid as opposed to wick of an RDA which dries out on every 5-10 puffs. Hybrid atomizers are large in size and much more expansive than the other two. But you can enjoy vaping satisfaction of dripping without taking the hassle.

Benefits of Re-buildable Atomizers (RBA) in general:

  • Good quality silica wick used in most RBA doesn’t have its own taste, doesn’t burn, carries liquid smoothly and is easy to re-build. However, it is a fiber that body cannot break. But chance of releasing microscopic silica fiber reduces when the wick remains soaked. Stainless steel mesh carries liquid well without releasing fibers, but a non-conductive layer may form on it after oxidation. It is more difficult to fit.
  • When built properly an RBA yields huge vapor and you receive the highest vaping pleasure. You can literally make a cloud of vapors.
  • The real taste and flavor of e juice is retained and intensified to allow you incomparable vaping.
  • You can enjoy great throat hit with much less nicotine intake (.6%-1.2%) as compared to other vaping device (1.8%- 2.4%).
  • Another advantage lies in the versatility. You can install single coil, dual coils and even quad coils. The resistance can be manipulated by the wire gauge and by adjusting the wraps used for your coil.
  • The structural integrity of an RBA is phenomenal. You can vape safely even in running vehicle.


Benefits of Re-buildable Atomizer lie in offering hardcore vapers great vaping pleasure along with flexibility, versatility and durability through re-building wicks.

The Basic: Re-buildable Dripping Atomizers

The vaping world can be divided as per several experience levels. Beginners usually start with a cig-a-like or ego style kit. Those who cannot quit vaping can gradually move up to an advanced, variable voltage personal vaporizer like a Lavatube or Vamo. But those who have developed vaping as an addiction can try the new world of Mechanical MODs and Re-buildable atomizers for enormous cloud of vapors and great throat hit. Rebuildable atomizers are meant for advanced vapers. As the name suggests, the user have to rebuild their wicks on regular basis.

There are several types of advanced Re-buildable atomizers which can be broadly categorized into three common types – Tank or Genesis style, Dripping, and a Hybrid of these.While elaborating The Basic: Re-Buildable Dripping Atomizers, here are some feature descriptions of all kinds of Re-buildable Atomizers. Without knowing genesis type you are not supposed to get the hybrid type which combine both genesis and dripping type re-buildable atomizers.

1. Genesis Re-buildable Atomizer:

It has a tank, wick and conductor coil. Wicks can be made from various materials like oxide steel mesh, surgical cable, porcelain etc. and can last for months. Juice is sucked by exposed part of the wicks from the tank and drops onto the coil. No mixed taste or flavor of the juice comes to spoil your vaping pleasure. It is easy to handle.

  1. Re-buidable Dripping Atomizer:

Perhaps the easiest wicks to re-build and toughest to maintain are the kind of Re-buildable Dripping Atomizers or in short RDAs. These involve direct dripping of e liquid into an exposed wick and atomizer coil to produce great cloud of vapors. These atomizers try to attract ‘vaping as a hobby’ crowd or simply addicted vapers by their endlessly customizable wicks that need the most tinkering. E juice needs to be added to their wicks every 5 to 10 puffs or more. Materials of wicks vary from silica, eco-wool or cotton and some others. The main benefit of using a dripping re-buildable atomizer is enormous vapor production. Some commonly used re-buildable dripping atomizers are Igo-L, Nimbus, Tridents and others.

  1. Hybrid Re-buildable Atomizer:

The third type which can be viewed as Hybrid re-buildable atomizer is actually a hybrid of tank and dripping atomizer. They are the most expansive atomizers that are procured by vapers having fat wallet. They are big and elaborate in look, resembling small steel wedding cakes. Hybrid atomizers combine the best parts of both genesis and dripping types. They have a tank, which may be visible together with a soft dripping style wick that always remains soaked in e liquid unlike that of an RDA that dries out after a few puffs. Some of the popular hybrid re-buildable atomizers are Kayfun 3.1 and Ithaka.

 Vapers’ Choice – Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers:

Magma provides a real enjoyable vaping experience as a Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer. For most of the hardcore vapers RDA is one of the best choices. Even the cheapest RBD units allow adequate airflow, pure flavor and huge vapor production. Since there is no tank, on the down side, you need to constantly drip e juice on the wicks. But you may not mind to take little hassle of dripping frequently and learn The Basic: Re-Buildable Dripping Atomizers for a great vaping experience.

What is a Mechanical MOD?

MODs are meant for heavy and matured vapers. The level of flavor and vapor is unbeatable. When it comes to Mechanical MODs, it is not at all recommended for youths new in vaping, because the device does not have any in-built safety measure that are available in standard vaping devices. Besides you need some supplementary familiarity in handling and checking lithium base batteries.

What is a Mechanical MOD?

A pure Mechanical MOD is a too much personal vaping device. It has a tube to hold a replaceable and chargeable battery and accommodate a button which when betrothed completes an electrical circuit for delivering unregulated current supply till the atomizer. A MOD does not contain any wiring, no soldering and no electronic part. Mechanical MODs are available in different sizes and shapes. E.g. Kamry KTS+ & telescopic MOD are mechanical MODs that cater to batteries of different capacity.

What are the Advantages of Mechanical MOD?

The prime reason that several vapers choose mechanical MODs is their robustness. They may not look aesthetic. Usually a personal vaporizer heavily depends on electronics and if any constituent gets damaged, repairing is next to impossible. This is discouraging for average cost conscious vapers. Some electronic PVs are really disposable i.e. use and throw type. Here lies the real benefit of a mechanical mod. Nevertheless, it is risky to use low resistance atomizer coil and play safe using normal conflict. But expert hands mange to extract extra benefit of a low resistance atomizer.

How Safe is a Mechanical MOD?

Truly speaking the safety equipments are not sufficient. It uses lithium powdered battery which is hundred percent safe provided that the energy in it is a small in size. Electronic personal vaporizers are much safer than a mechanical mod. Electronic MODs have special safety measures to resist short circuit and other possible electrical danger. A short circuit within the device can cause the battery to get discharged to the extent of venting and fire.

Care for handling a Mechanical MOD:

The subsequent tips will help you enjoying safer vaping skill with your mechanical MOD. They are –

  • Obtain a multi-meter -  A multi-meter is an extremely helpful device while by means of Mechanical MODs. They are available at any store for below $ 10. With help of a multi-meter you can monitor voltage of the battery and resistance of the clearomizer or atomizer as well as detect possibility of shorts in your mechanical mod. You should not go for cheap multi-meter.
  • Choosing Battery category and quality – Never use a battery which shows damage in external casing or sign of leakage. Unguarded standard lithium batteries should not be used for mechanical mods since they are more prone to overheating. A superior superiority protected ICR (ICR- lithium Cobalt Oxide) or IMR (manganese oxide) battery should be chosen for safety.

Once you know What is a Mechanical MOD you can enjoy durable vaping device with great vapor output if you handle with little care.